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How to Create a Roku account using

The following guidelines can help you to build your Roku account:

  • Firstly, you must visit the Roku sign up site using a web browser, to build your Roku account.

  • Launch a new web browser and type in the URL bar and hit Go.

  • Secondly, choose the Create Account option, to begin with, the process.

  • And then, give a valid email address that you are currently using to receive the information about the Roku activities.

  • After that, make a new and secure password for the Roku account.

  • In case if you wish to set up a PIN, then make sure to update the

  • Further, now, you will be prompted for the credit card details to pay your bucks.

  • And before that, you need to select your payment method.

  • You can either choose the PayPal method or the Credit card method.

  • Lastly, pay your bucks using any of the above methods.

  • Next, you must click the Create option.

  • This will get your Roku account, and you need to activate it with the Roku device using

  • William francis
  • May 23 2020
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