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Netflix Contact Phone Number Australia – For Connection Error

Suspicious sign in problem in Netflix

Regardless of what device you are using to stream the movies or music from the Netflix app, this is an problem which might aggravation everyone. What happen here is you will receive a mail that imply someone has tried to sign in your Netflix account and in order to avert such unauthorized access you require to reset the password instantly. Click Netflix Contact Phone Number Australia


When you receive such kind of email you require to instantly reset the password of Netflix app. Also, do not click on the link that you accepted rather go to the Netflix website and reset the password from there. Here is how to do that. The process is same for all devices that you are using.

  • Go to the website and sign in using your login details

  • Tap on the option ‘My account’, and then on ‘change password’.

  • Provide the old password and then the new password in the need field.

  • In case, you have forgotten the password, tap in the option ‘forgot password’ and there are options that will assist you successfully resetting the password.

That’s it. Your problem will be now resolved.

  • jasmine disouza
  • May 23 2020
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