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How to Login to Your McAfee Account – McAfee Login

McAfee is an Antivirus that provides protection to your device from various online threats. Login into your McAfee account will help you to use various features. For getting access to all the information related to your Mcafee account, you first have to start with McAfee Login process. 

McAfee login is a simple as well as an easy process. You just have to follow the below-given steps for login into your McAfee account. 


Open a web browser. 

Firstly, you have to open a web browser in your system. You can use any of the web browsers for performing the McAfee login function like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet browser.


Go to McAfee official website.

In the next step, you have to proceed to the McAfee official website. For this, you have to go to the search bar of your browser. The search bar is on the top of the webpage. 

Type “” in the search bar. Now to complete the process you have to press the enter key. This will take you to the McAfee’s official webpage.


Click “My Account”

In the next window, you will locate a small icon of “my account” option on the top right corner. Click on that button. Consequently, a drop-down menu with some options will appear. You have to select ‘my account’ option from the drop-down menu to proceed with the login process. 


Enter your Email Id 

Following the above steps will take you to the McAfee Login window. There you have to enter your email Id in the required field.

In the first box of McAfee login area, type the Email Id which is associated with your McAfee account.


Add Password

After following the above steps, you have to enter the password that you use for your McAfee account.

You must remember the password that you have used at the time of sign up. Also, be very careful while entering the password in the required field. 


Select “Remember Me”

This is an optional step to be followed according to your preference. If you are using your personal computer then you can select “Remember me” option.

It will save your McAfee login details for future use and keep you logged in to your McAfee account. This will save your time and efforts in following the McAfee login process again and again. 


Click the “Login” button

This is the final step of the McAfee login process. You are required to click the blue ‘Login’ button. You will locate this button at the bottom of the login area. Clicking this button will successfully login your McAfee account. 


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  • Sep 7 2019
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