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Kailash Tour

Located in the west of China Tibet. Mt. Kailash is the holy land of religion. Kora around Mt. Kailash is one of the most important pilgrimages in Asia.

Due to the impressive altitude of 6700 meters, Mt. Kailash highlights the background of the surrounding areas. The mountain has other names like Dr. Ganzhen or Gandhi mountain. In the sacred bood of Tibetan, it’s called “precious snow-capped mountain”. The top of mountain Kailash is covered by snows all year round, and almost never melts.

Having a Kailash tour that trek and kora around Mt. Kailash is very interesting, you can experience the unique spiritual culture of Tibetan and enjoin the magnificent landscape scenery. It is also the best place to encounter pilgrimage from different countries.

  • james johnny
  • Aug 13 2019
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