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Things are getting harder instead of easier

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Im another LPN that graduated in 11/18 and I have been working at this SNF since 1/19. I feel honored to have a grest emotionally supportive network at work (CNAs, LPNs, RNs, and even PT/OT) however I feel so crappy about administrstion. I had a really unpleasant run today even with just 16 patients. I had such huge numbers of IVs to hang with similarly the same number of accuchecks. The state surveyors are likewise in the structure which truly didnt trouble me. I simply continued stalling out in spaces for very nearly 15-20 mins at any given moment. Pt A was having a fit of anxiety on the grounds that shes blocked up and is going insane and hollering she simply needs amazing. Pt B's family has inquiries concerning the medications and need a breakdown of each of the 8 drugs. Pt C has 12 prescriptions to be managed through a PEG tube. Pt D's injury vac got filthy and invaded the seal. Pt E has forceful dementia and is rejecting any sort of drug/care aside from me to change his now extremely dirtied bed, shirt, shorts and everything. You get the thought. My CNAs are exceptionally occupied also and we are actually short on CNAs. It resembles everybody is in a state of harmony with regards to dirtying themselves. Presently there is actually no reason for my fuck up however a great deal of call lights aren't being addressed on the grounds that i'll concede that I was suffocating and im behind by a decent hour on my medications pass.

  • Elijah William
  • Apr 6 2019
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